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“How are we to going to ask India and China to do more when Canada is saying, ‘OK, we’re checking out of the Kyoto Protocol?”

COP 17 talks under threat by Kyoto pullout | News24.


Europe is taking the toughest negotiating stand it has ever adopted on global warming. At this week’s UN climate talks in Durban, the bloc will depart from decades of “dovish” practice by insisting stiff conditions must be met by China and other developing countries if a global climate treaty is to be arranged.

The hardline stance has already caused consternation among developing countries at the talks, and the discord threatens the future of the Kyoto protocol.

Was there ever a future?  With the money minting “market” mechanism on a death bed.. economic meltdown, debt.. who cares about Kyoto anymore,,, all for nothing…

The Guardian

climate trash and carbon money — where do we find a balance?

A project is also being run in Uganda to disseminate efficient charcoal burning stoves on behalf of a business client. The project will transform the market by improving awareness amongst the population, establishing business capacity to manufacture and market the stoves, creating jobs in retail and after-sales service, and establishing quality assurance procedures which include careful monitoring of the usage and effectiveness of the new stoves.Ugandan deforestation

The project aims to install 20,000 stoves per year in the initial years, with the intention of increasing the sales figures in later years. Each stove will have an average lifespan of 3 years.

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trash from food

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Food waste

Biogas, a renewable substitute for natural gas, is generated by the breakdown of organic waste in an anaerobic digester (AD). Urban waste, including wastewater treatment plants, food waste from households and businesses, yard clippings and non-recyclable paper, will create biogas under the right conditions. (Manure from dairies, and sludge from wastewater treatment plants can also be used.) While many facilities in Europe produce biogas exclusively from food scraps, similar facilities in the US are just now being developed. Biogas can be used to generate electricity and with minimal treatment, can be substituted for traditional natural gas in power plants, homes, vehicles and businesses. The AD process also creates useful byproducts like pathogen-free fertilizer, animal bedding and compost.

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is carbon trash in the air

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“I think that this project is a really good example of a success story of the voluntary carbon market mechanism. In the first year of our improved cooking stove project here in Kampala we did not have access to carbon finance and the business model proved to be unsustainable, with just 3,000 stoves sold in the first 9 months. We began to look elsewhere for additional finance and were disappointed to find that we could not tap into the compliance market because the cooking stove technologies were not recognised. Through the voluntary market we were able to access the finance to tip the project so that it became viable. The carbon finance has allowed us to spend money on training staff, marketing and sales and credit facilities. This has meant that we are able to reach out to more customers and offer them an affordable product through the provision of micro-finance. We are now selling about 100 stoves a day and over 2007, we expect to generate over 20,000t of CO2 offsets.”

via Uganda efficient stoves :: project map :: Carbon Projects : Reducing Emissions : Low carbon technologies :: ClimateCare.

The industry, worth about $52 billion, is booming. In the U.S. we produce 250 million tons of trash each year – enough to cover the state of Texas…twice.

According to the show, the largest sanitation department in the world is in New York City, home to 8 million people and nearly 12,000 tons of garbage and 2,000 tons of recycling produced every day.


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trash as evidence

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Is there any evidence?

Image: Evidence of carbon's role in the climate crisis

The all important question that rises above and before ALL other questions is the one of evidence.

Is there any evidence that carbon dioxide causes major warming?

In science, “evidence” has a very specific meaning and for a very good reason. In a court of law or a game of football, the label “evidence” can be plastered all over the place. If 500 footballers signed a petition to change a rule, that would be “evidence” the rule needed changing. But if 5 billion people signed a petition to make it rain in Mumbai on Thursday, that’s a waste of paper.

Science is only about the natural world. That’s why human opinions are irrelevant.

Scientific evidence for the theory that human emissions of carbon dioxide are the main cause of global warming needs to be:

Empirical – That which we can see, hear, record, or write down. A measurement of some sort. An observation of the natural world.

Related to CAUSE and EFFECT. That means evidence that shows that our extra carbon caused most of the recent warming. Not just evidence that the world has got warmer (which could be due to some other reason).

Evidence that shows carbon has a major role, that doubling the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide would cause, say, 2 – 10 degrees of warming. If doubling carbon only causes 0.5 degrees of warming, who cares?

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business in climate

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it is carbon trash and stoves stupid!