“How are we to going to ask India and China to do more when Canada is saying, ‘OK, we’re checking out of the Kyoto Protocol?”

COP 17 talks under threat by Kyoto pullout | News24.


“Stop Climate Secrets!”

On Saturday 3 December 2011, the Right2Know campaign will join other civil society movements participating in the COP17 Global Day of Action march through the streets of Durban. (Join and invite friends here!)

As a coalition of organisations mobilising against an unjust culture of secrecy, we come to COP17 demanding transparency in the UN climate change negotiations and access to information about the South African government and Eskom’s high carbon energy plans that remain a secret:

via The Right2Know Campaign joins the call for access to information for climate justice!.

Europe is taking the toughest negotiating stand it has ever adopted on global warming. At this week’s UN climate talks in Durban, the bloc will depart from decades of “dovish” practice by insisting stiff conditions must be met by China and other developing countries if a global climate treaty is to be arranged.

The hardline stance has already caused consternation among developing countries at the talks, and the discord threatens the future of the Kyoto protocol.

Was there ever a future?  With the money minting “market” mechanism on a death bed.. economic meltdown, debt.. who cares about Kyoto anymore,,, all for nothing…

The Guardian

These ominous predictions set the scene for the 17th round of UN climate talks, or ‘COP17’, due to open in Durban, South Africa, next week. The city itself sits under a thick cloud from its coal fired plants. Last year, South Africa’s public electricity company, ESKOM, received a huge loan from the World Bank to build one of the largest coal fired power plants in the world.

The World Bank is embedded in the financial architecture of climate change, and the inherent contradictions of South Africa’s energy policy in this vulnerable continent make it the ideal host for the contested COP17 talks.

The general feeling among people coming to Durban – official and non official – is that COP17 will not deliver anything significantly different from what came out of the ineffective negotiations last year in Cancún, Mexico.

Are Durban climate talks worth the bother? — New Internationalist.


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Kenya's flower industry shows budding improvement | Environment | The Guardian.

we have faith in desmond tutu

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http://www.advocacyuganda.com/live/ – watch how media in uganda is being used for advocacy


These guys are good.  Shame the site is fully flash …


climate trash and carbon money — where do we find a balance?

A project is also being run in Uganda to disseminate efficient charcoal burning stoves on behalf of a business client. The project will transform the market by improving awareness amongst the population, establishing business capacity to manufacture and market the stoves, creating jobs in retail and after-sales service, and establishing quality assurance procedures which include careful monitoring of the usage and effectiveness of the new stoves.Ugandan deforestation

The project aims to install 20,000 stoves per year in the initial years, with the intention of increasing the sales figures in later years. Each stove will have an average lifespan of 3 years.

via Uganda efficient stoves :: project map :: Carbon Projects : Reducing Emissions : Low carbon technologies :: ClimateCare.