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Posted: November 19, 2011 in Global Trash
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Is there any evidence?

Image: Evidence of carbon's role in the climate crisis

The all important question that rises above and before ALL other questions is the one of evidence.

Is there any evidence that carbon dioxide causes major warming?

In science, “evidence” has a very specific meaning and for a very good reason. In a court of law or a game of football, the label “evidence” can be plastered all over the place. If 500 footballers signed a petition to change a rule, that would be “evidence” the rule needed changing. But if 5 billion people signed a petition to make it rain in Mumbai on Thursday, that’s a waste of paper.

Science is only about the natural world. That’s why human opinions are irrelevant.

Scientific evidence for the theory that human emissions of carbon dioxide are the main cause of global warming needs to be:

Empirical – That which we can see, hear, record, or write down. A measurement of some sort. An observation of the natural world.

Related to CAUSE and EFFECT. That means evidence that shows that our extra carbon caused most of the recent warming. Not just evidence that the world has got warmer (which could be due to some other reason).

Evidence that shows carbon has a major role, that doubling the level of atmospheric carbon dioxide would cause, say, 2 – 10 degrees of warming. If doubling carbon only causes 0.5 degrees of warming, who cares?

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