is carbon trash in the air

Posted: November 19, 2011 in Global Trash
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“I think that this project is a really good example of a success story of the voluntary carbon market mechanism. In the first year of our improved cooking stove project here in Kampala we did not have access to carbon finance and the business model proved to be unsustainable, with just 3,000 stoves sold in the first 9 months. We began to look elsewhere for additional finance and were disappointed to find that we could not tap into the compliance market because the cooking stove technologies were not recognised. Through the voluntary market we were able to access the finance to tip the project so that it became viable. The carbon finance has allowed us to spend money on training staff, marketing and sales and credit facilities. This has meant that we are able to reach out to more customers and offer them an affordable product through the provision of micro-finance. We are now selling about 100 stoves a day and over 2007, we expect to generate over 20,000t of CO2 offsets.”

via Uganda efficient stoves :: project map :: Carbon Projects : Reducing Emissions : Low carbon technologies :: ClimateCare.


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